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Today Ben and Jessica work with really diverse clients to produce truly ecological, healthy & beautiful housing – providing real comfort and less cost to the environment, with the added benefit of minimal running costs.

Hiberna provides a full service, from concept and planning, through design and analysis, to building and finishing. If you have a question about natural building or energy, we would love to try to help!

Jessica Eyers


BA, Msc (dist) Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, CPHD, LBP

Jessica is an environmental building consultant and architectural designer. Jessica holds a BA in Architecture and and MSc in Environmental Architecture with distinction and has completed many additional courses and research projects in the field over the last 15 years.

Ben Eyers


Ben Eyers LBP, Nat Cert Carpentry, Nat Diploma

Ben has worked on low energy buildings since 2008 when he built what was, at the time, the most air tight building tested in NZ. He understands airtight construction, achieving below n0.5ACH in a project in 2017.He has been a plasterer since 2008 and has poured many hundreds of hours into research and development of natural plasters, particularly for strawbale buildings. In 2016 he had an article published in the journal of the Building Limes Forum in the UK on his work on low cost lime kilns in the Gambia is West Africa. He specialises in tadelakt, a traditional Moroccan lime plaster that is waterproof. He is one of the few WUFI trained builders in NZ, a tool which he uses to assess the performance of natural materials such as straw, clay and lime.Ben has built in timber frame, SIPs, straw and rammed earth but he believes that for a building to be truly sustainable it needs to be built of low impact materials.

We believe that buildings do not need to be detrimental to the environment and to health. Environmental buildings are good buildings: well designed, well built and pleasant and healthy to be in